Gabrielle Lewis

Gabrielle Lewis

Gabrielle started her journey into the world of mental health at the University of Durham, an Ivy league school in England, graduating with a first class honors degree in Applied Psychology.

Since then her love for understanding the science of how the mind and body connect has led her to study the ancient practice of yoga and meditation with world renowned teachers. Having experienced first-hand her own mental health challenges with anxiety and depression, Gabrielle has found the science of yoga and meditation to be invaluable and truly transformative in supporting her own mental health.

As Gabrielle can relate to those with mental health struggles, her passion for psychology, yoga and meditation has fused all of these elements together. Today she finds herself teaching in many different environments from mental health facilitates, the corporate world, universities, nationwide assisted living homes, speaking at conferences and events, as well as working with a Special Forces Unit..

After working in different in-patient and out-patient programming for mental health, and being involved in different teacher training programs, Gabrielle identified a key missing link in the current infrastructure of how we treat mental health: Education. Gabrielle’s vision is to provide a new global framework for how we view and treat mental health, by delivering an integrative approach in empowering the individual in understanding, and supporting their mental health, surrounding three key principles: Education, Experience, and Evolution.

Gabrielle also has a keen interest in research, sitting on Research Advisory Committee, and is currently researching the stress response in different demographics, and health conditions.